Sunday, 28 February 2010


Well we walked round to the car and sat in to warm up and a quick coffee before walking a short distance to the start. The run was completed and the only comment I can make is "when is 6+ minute miles called jogging ?? At least it looks like no lasting "damage done and on the whole it was a good day out so here's a couple of photo's.

cupar 5 mile

Have been having a very lazy time the last week but had a target this weekend. Scott came over as he was intending to run the cupar 5 and I would be bag man as he was going to run over to Cupar from our house in Leslie .
This would be a 15 mile "warm up" to get to registration in time for the start. I was a bit concerned as we had snow "again" through the night and I thought it would be one hell of a slog to get to the race.He set off and I followed later in the car complete with dry clothes and a flask of coffee. I was amazed as after only three miles heading from home the snow had gone at the lower levels so not as bad as I had feared. I got to Cupar well before he was due in so parked near the start of the race and walked back into town to the YMCA where registration was being held. I know I don't run anymore but still get that "tingle" milling around before the start, it's nice as well to be greeted by some of the runners who know me through Scott. The lad arrived a little later than expected looking completely knackered and shivering like mad, (he had admitted to a sore throat on getting up in the morning). I said don't run but that was a waste of time he was putting the training miles in so was running or going to jog it.

Monday, 8 February 2010

the street where I live

Just to give some idea of how lucky I feel about where I live this photograph was taken from my front door. The hills in the distance are the west and east Lomonds with just a little snow left and that whole area is a brilliant place to walk and if like my son Scott you are into running a great place for off road running.From this angle it is very misleading as there are a few miles between the east and west lomond and not forgetting the "bishop" hill which is not shown. In all a good days walking can be had from my front door and NO car needed.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

more white hair and wrinkles

Just looking back when the weather was good enough for me to roam the hills above loch tay. Just can't wait to get out there again.

An old friend

Just could not start a blog without including an old family friend, that is our west highland terrier aka "Midge". He will be 16 years old in March but still likes to get out and do things problem is he is like his owner always tries to do more than he can.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First attempt

Well here I go then trying my hand at starting a blog and to be sure I don't have any idea on how this will turn out. I have enjoyed reading other blogs and thought I would like to give it a try sometime. There are so many things I have to find out like adding photo's etc and know doubt all the bloggers will be saying to themselves " what's he on about it is easy ". I would like it to turn out to be a light hearted read about what a grey haired , "slightly" over weight unfit elderly male in his quest to turn the clock back about 30 years. I do enjoy the outdoor life and walking in the hills of Scotland.