Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blog revival

Well I got back to up dating the blog after a couple of months of inactivity. June was the month that Scott won his Scotland vest for Ultra running
He had worked very hard to get to this level of fitness then the gremlins struck and he picked up an Injury a few days before making his first appearance for Scotland. With nothing to loose he gave it a go but after 50k his quads froze solid and through gritted teeth and some help from the English team Physio just managed to stagger round for several more hours in agony to finish the 100k.I was very proud of him and as some of the other team members said if Scott had dropped out they would have done so as well.
I can assure all that after that epic run the ale ran freely that night and the holiday booked for the week after was looked forward too.

One Week Later :-
We all set off for Lochcarron in the west highlands, Scott , his mum, myself and Midge the dog. A cottage had been booked a while ago over looking the loch and near to hotels (for drinks ) and shops (for drinks )

A good time was had by all even the old "Westie" had a second "childhood". Scott did a few Munro's but had to run several miles to reach them. We did a walk together for so far before he ran the "high" road and I walked the "low "road , the weather was great and loads of video and photo's were taken
 The above photo was one of the many taken on the walk, and yes the ridge on the right of the photo Scott ran up and I walked to the east well below the tops.
More photo's of the first walk on this link.

We did more walking on other days and Scott and mum walked up the hill behind the cottage one evening and had a good wonder about. I did one more walk with Scott and we set off together this time he had the camera and I took the camcorder. After walking together for a while Scott headed off on his run to tackle some Munro's in the distance, I walked at a steady pace filming the area. I did have a fancy at having a go up one of the hills which was said to have the best Munro views . I set off over a "wire" bridge and followed a stalkers path towards the top , I did get it all wrong and thought the first peak I saw was the top but it ended up only being about a third of the distance. It did take me ages but I was chuffed to make it to the cairn at the top and I did film the views which were as good as they said. It was very windy so I did not stay long as I was meeting Scott at the bottom of the hill . To put things in perspective Scott by then had run miles and had been to the top of three munro's while I had managed the one hill (865 mtr) we had walkytalkies and had kept in touch when we could so i headed back down to meet Scott.


"My " hill in the distance from Scotts lunch break.  The wire bridge at the bottom of "my" hill