Tuesday, 3 August 2010

River ayr weekend

This weekend had been planned  by Scott and Lucy to run the river ayr way. Scott was  doing it to see how his injury was going to stand up to 44 miles of running and Lucy wanted to have a look at the route and find out any awkward parts. I was just going along as support driving Scotts car and meeting up at various check points on the way.

We set off early saturday morning to meet up with Lucy at the start of the river ayr  way at Glenbuck . Lucy arrived complete with her dog "kipper" who was not too impressed at starting the run and he promptly jumped into Scotts car and refused to come out. Lucy did manage to get him out after a brief tussle and plans were put in place to meet up later. We had met up with another runner who was going to see how he would get on and his partner was also driving in support so that would be company for me at check points.

The first couple of meeting points worked quite well and I think Lucy was pleased to be able to run without carrying lots of "fuel" in the bum bag. I think she was even more pleased when Kipper decided that he had run enough and she could leave him in the car with me.
I set off to the village of Sorn with a dog that didn't know me and in a strange car, I didn't have to worry about him as he promptly looked at me lay down on the back seat and went to sleep.

After we left Sorn the other runner and partner stayed behind so now I had "kipper" for company. Arriving in Failford managed to get him out of the car for a walk but then after returning to carry on up the road he promptly pulled back to the car so I let him back in and from then on no way was he getting out. I think he had thought he had run and walked enough for the day. Lucy and Scott arrived a little later for a drink and food stop before heading off on their merry way to the coast.

At the next bridge I pulled over to take a couple of photographs when the couple who had started at the same time pulled up . He had done his running for the day but was taking the chance of getting a photo with Lucy and Scott. Right on cue they ran down the river bank and over the bridge where the requested photograph was taken.

The next stage was not too much fun as it meant driving through Ayr to find the finish . This was not going to be easy as I have never been in the town before. I just headed to the sea front and parked as near to where I thought the finish may be. I thought I would have a walk with the dog and get a coffee but he wasa not going to budge out of the car which limited my movements. I was saved after not to long by a call from Scott on his mobile as they had finished and were only about 100 mtr away on the sea wall. We all met up and went for a carry out and Scott and Lucy got changed before we headed back to Glenbuck. After saying goodbye to Lucy and Kipper,  Scott and I still had to find somewhere to put our tents ( we had planned to camp out that night ). As our first option was full we took pot luck and headed south where we managed to get a couple of spaces to pitch the tents in the "holiday park " at beattock. The saving grace of the place was it's own bar and reasonable priced  beer the down side was screaming kids and very merry adults, We headed off to a nice coach house we had spied on the way in and had a very pleasant night killing a few drinks then returning to the tents later.

Sunday :-
After crawlng out of the tents the next morning the "coffee " fix was badly needed so we quickly packed up and headed off in the direction of Moffat seeking the required cafe. We were in luck and had coffee and food vegi Scott scrambled egg and I just could not resist the famous morning bacon butty.After more coffee and a call in the shops we headed off towards the Grey mares tail for a mind clearing walk.

Parking at the start of the trail we headedoff up the track joining a gaggle of other families doing "the walk". My very slow plod got me to the top while scott was shooting off taking photo's. We thought of looking up a geocache but the gps died on us as I had not put new batteries in it.

It was abit damp and misty at the top but still a very nice walk which was far enough for me . Scott still feeling quite good after his 40 odd miles yesterday was going to "run" up White Coomb so off he disappeared while I retraced my tracks back down to the car. I had only just reached the car when Scott came bounding down the track passing very suprised "walkers" using it , arriving back the first words were "yes Brilliant" so I gathered he'd had a good run.
We headed off in the direction of home but wanted to find somewhere to sit and get the stove on for fresh coffee. Eventualy we settled on St mary's loch and moving away from the crowds found a nice quiet spot along the loch. We had folding chairs / stove / fuel/ water/ soup / crusty bread. and sat for a very pleasant hour looking over the loch. The final part of the journey home was in the direction of very dark clouds and it was not long before we hit torrential rain which the wipers could just cope with.We were both glad to arrive back at Scott's flat (forgot to say he was driving today ) after what had been a great weekend and it was hard to think we had only left the his flat the day before we had managed to get a lot in and great fun.